October 4, 2023

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Your Ultimate Guide to Thai Cuisine and Dining in Penrith

West of Sydney’s central business district is Penrith City. It is a city in New South Wales, along the banks of the Nepean River and the outskirts of the Cumberland Plain.

Penrith is a great city with many landmarks, tourist attractions, and commercial centres. Because of this, there are many options when it comes to cuisine, including Thai and Asian restaurants.

If you want to try Thai at a Penrith restaurant, here is a guide to help you know what to order and what to expect.

Key Flavours to Watch Out For

Thai cuisine is quite the gastro journey for those who haven’t tried it. It’s a combination of various flavours that you did not expect would go together.

Most Thai dishes combine all five basic flavours: sweet, salty, sour, bitter, and spicy. However, you might find the food more on the spicy side for a local in Penrith.

However, behind all the spiciness is the perfect balance of all the flavours on your palate.

The Thai Restaurant Experience

Typically, food in a Thai restaurant is shared. If you don’t know what to order, it would be best to order one of each variety.

There is a lot of food to try out; you can order a fish dish with vegetables, a noodle dish, and a soup.

The food is served in a smorgasbord style dining. But you do get individual bowls for soup. For dessert, you have the option of various types of fresh fruits, rice cakes, rice dumplings in coconut, grass jelly or a dessert made of beans.

Thai Cuisine Influences

The flavours incorporated in Thai cuisine come from many influences. However, the culture behind their food was known to have begun as early as the 13th Century.

You have the options of rice, vegetables, and meat combined with pungent seasonings like garlic and pepper.

Later, the Chinese introduced noodles to the Thais, including one important cooking method: the use of steel. 

Thai cuisine has a heavy influence from other South Asian and South-East Asian countries. Because of this, Thai food has become the explosion of flavours that people know today.

How Thai Food is Presented

Because Penrith is a progressive city, there are many food options that both locals and tourists can try. If you want to take a taste of foods from Thai, Penrith restaurants might offer you the best. You can never go wrong with a Thai restaurant when looking for the ultimate food experience. Besides their great flavours, one of the important aspects they pay attention to is presentation.

Thai food is more than their tastes. Once you see Thai food served on the table, you will be shocked by its aesthetics.

Food presentation in Thai culture is one of the most gorgeous cooking you will ever see. Chefs use delicate fruit and vegetable carvery and incorporate edible flowers into their dishes.

Thai Cuisine Also Includes Great Snack Options

Thai dishes are more than just delicious meals. You also have a variety of options when it comes to snacks. 

Popular Thai snacks include satay, spring rolls, and raw veggies with spicy dips on the side.

You’ll never run out of food options when you’re in Penrith. You should try Thai food in the area and introduce yourself to a great gastronomic journey that you’ve never experienced.

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