October 1, 2023

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You Need Sushi In Your Diet!

Sushi is an incredibly versatile dish. You can enjoy it in various forms, like sashimi, rolls and nigiri – the choice is yours! For those on a diet to lose or gain weight, sushi could be an ideal meal choice; its healthy properties make it suitable for weight loss or gain alike. Let’s explore why including sushi into your meals should be part of any healthy eating plan!

Health Benefits

Sushi is an excellent source of omega-3 fatty acids, essential for bone and joint health, inflammation control, skin health and more. No matter which fish variety you select for sushi, you’ll get plenty of protein from it.

In addition, select fruits and nuts can be enjoyed as part of a ketogenic diet alongside sushi.

Keto/Low-Carb Diet

Have you heard of the keto diet? It has become a hot trend on social media. Followers of this plan require low carbohydrates (usually less than 50g) and high amounts of fat, in order for your body to create ketones which replace fat as energy source; this process is known as ketosis.

Sashimi is an excellent source of healthy fats and protein, though it may not be ideal for ketosis. Don’t worry; Sushi Inc. offers other low-calorie options like fried shrimp, chicken breast, beef tenderloin – all delicious!

Sushi fits perfectly into low calorie diets!

Reduce Your Calorie Intake

Are you watching what you eat? A piece of sushi nigiri typically contains 60 to 70 calories. Swapping brown rice for white can reduce this number considerably. Or opt for sashimi instead of nigiri or rolls if you’re watching your intake. Sushi Inc. also offers many delicious soups and salads that are low in calories as well.

Bulging can be achieved through regular consumption of rolls, which provide plenty of calories.

Weight Gain Diet

Sushi is an ideal option for those trying to shed some pounds “for the gains”. Although weight loss is certainly the primary goal, not all calories can be utilized in the same way. Sushi contains complex carbs rather than the simple carbs found at fast food restaurants and junk food places; additionally, sushi boasts healthy fats with no trans or saturated fat. Our delicious rolls make great snacks if you’re willing to consume lots of calories!

In conclusion, sushi offers numerous health benefits.

No need to feel restricted by your diet! Sushi Inc. provides many options that can be tailored to any dietary need or preference, and our staff is more than happy to answer any queries.

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