July 25, 2024

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Weekly Meal Plan – Aamras, Stuffed Ragi Paratha, Carrot Sandwich, and More by Archana’s Kitchen

This week’s Weekly Meal Prepare has some quick to make and day to day recipes for your food from tasty foods across various cuisines from Aamras, Stuffed Ragi Paratha, Carrot Sandwich, and Additional.

Some tips you can follow when cooking a nutritious meal


  1. Strategy and store the specific ingredients you require for each week.
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  3. Stock the staples in the pantry & refrigerator
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  5. Prep for the week by earning paratha dough, peeled garlic, tomato puree, etcetera
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  7. And ultimately, guarantee you take in in compact portions and eat slowly and take in right.
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Swipe through and get to see the meal strategy menu for every single working day from Monday to Sunday!

Breakfast –

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Lunch –

Carrot Chutney Recipe

Lunch –

Rumali Roti Recipe