February 22, 2024

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We challenge you to try a dish from each of these 6 Asian cuisines

EVANSVILLE, Ind. — Might is Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month, and we imagined it would be a excellent time to highlight the diversity of our exclusive Asian restaurants.

Stretching from India to Hawaii, Asian cuisines encompass all the things from spicy curries to interesting sashimi.

Though Chinese and Japanese restaurants are abundant and busy in our place, other Asian cuisines are not so internalized here. We’re likely to explain them briefly and obstacle visitors to sample them all.

You can’t sum up any cuisine in a few sentences, but we’ll give you an plan of what flavors to count on and suggest some of our preferred dishes.

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Whole fresh spices such as cumin, a masala mix, bay leaves, chiles and fenugreek leaves ready to be added to dishes at Royal India Cuisine in Newburgh.


Indian meals is constructed all around aromatic spice mixtures. Some dishes are chile-very hot, but many are not. Curries and stews could be based mostly on tomatoes and cream like the famous Butter Chicken. They may have a moderate creamy sauce with sweeter spices like korma dishes, or be really fiery as in the scenario of Vindaloo dishes.

Curries are served with basmati rice or tender and puffy naan flatbread. Vegetarian dishes abound in Indian delicacies, and you’ll discover beans and lentils turned into items you’ve hardly ever imagined.