July 17, 2024

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Use Insulated Carrier Bags For Food & Beverage Promotion

Use Insulated Carrier Bags For Food & Beverage Promotion

Insulated Carrier Bags are used for a number of purposes, some of which are mentioned below. Apart from their main purpose, they are also popular as promotional merchandise. Bags have proved to be the best form of advertising today, mainly because of its excellent brand visibility and wide appeal. There is a very wide range of carrier bags and all of them can be customised to elegantly take your logo and marketing message into the consumer world. Since your message can be imprinted on both sides of the bag, this product is far advantageous for promotional purposes. You can visit the online websites and select the best carrier bag for your next marketing campaign.

Given below are some different types of Insulated Carrier Bags:

Dark Brown Insulated Food Carrier:

This is a one-piece seamless polyethylene construction with an airtight removable gasket and sturdy plastic latches. It is a top loading food carrier which features durability, versatility and style. This food carrier can hold, transport and serve hot or cold foods in full or fractional size food pans. What helps maintain safe food temperatures for hours without electricity or Canned Heat is the thick polyurethane foam insulation. To make carrying easy it has moulded-in handles on all four sides. The vent cap equalizes internal pressure.

Black Insulated Food Pan Carrier:

This is an insulated food pan carrier which is capable of maintaining correct serving temperatures and is heat resistant up to 200 degrees Fahrenheit. These types of Insulated Carrier Bags have individual tracts that can hold a number of deep food pans which are in different sizes – it can hold up to 5 full size food pans. It features sturdy carrying handles for easy transport and has an end-load system. This food pan carrier is available in a variety of colours. The interior compartments are quite large.

Insulated Food Carrier:

This bag insulates both hot and cold and features a 1″ foam insulation right round. It is available in a variety of colours and it has two heavy-duty straps for easy carrying. The bag either comes with a Velcro or zipper closure. This carrier bag is perfect for outings.

Cooler Insulated Lunch Tote:

These types of Insulated Carrier Bags are purely meant to keep foods and beverages insulated. They can carry from a quick portable lunch to an entire feast. This lunch tote has a food-safe PEVA lining, foam insulation and zipper closures. It also has a carrying handle and exterior pockets. It can be cleaned with a damp cloth; it is not water tight but can be used with ice-packs only.

Full Size Food Pan Cam-carrier:

This product is specifically made for transporting and serving large amounts of food, where no kitchen facilities are available. You can either fit-in one full size pan carrier or multiple pans of various sizes. The combination of the tough polyethylene construction and the airtight removable gasket and the thick foam insulation make it good for both hot and cold food. The moulded-in handles make it easy to be moved around. It is perfect for transport and storage.

These Insulated Carrier Bags are ideal for branding and taking your product name to your potential customers. They are perfect for consumer companies who specialise with food and drink.