July 9, 2024

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Unexpected Uses for Drink Coasters

Coasters may be the worlds most underused functional accessories. They are small and innocuous, and they seem to have a very specific purpose, however their usefulness can actually be multiplied exponentially when you think about them in a creative manner. It is important to use your imagination, in order to see the full extent of the possibilities that these pieces can give you.

First, these coasters are functional for single individuals, but are also important party accessories. When you have people over, one of the first standard things that polite society requires you to offer them is a beverage. These beverages go in glasses, which people will often leaves on tables and other surfaces. This is the bane of a tidy home, and can lead to having to throw away expensive pieces just because you didn’t think ahead.

When throwing a party, it’s often a good idea to spread coasters throughout the space, leaving them in assorted places so that they can be seen, and then readily used by your guests. This will save you the worry of looking after your furnishings, and the hassle of having to hand coasters out with admonishing glares to your friends and family.

Another use of drink coasters that is often unexpected is as an ash tray. Smokers create a lot of waste from their cigarettes. If you don’t have ash trays to accommodate this habit, it’s easy enough to slide a coaster under that debris, as long as it’s not flammable. This can protect possessions from even the most careless of friends.

Another reason to have coasters spread throughout the place is because they can be used as small trash receptacles. In a party situation a lot of waste can be created. This is often small debris, bubble gum wrappers, and toothpicks; pieces of food or treats that are just not edible. The coasters, spread throughout your home can collect these pieces of trash and act as small receptacles and bins to hold them until their contents can be deposited in an appropriate place.

The coaster is versatile, and you shouldn’t discount it. It has far more uses then you might expect, and it can help you out in innumerable ways. Think creatively, and you will see that they are really guardians, protecting your home from waste and mess.