May 23, 2024

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Tips And Tricks To Use the green screen background For Business Purpose

A Beginner's Guide to Green Screens - Savage Universal


The recent Covid- 19 pandemic has entirely changed the work cultures worldwide. People have resorted to the online modes instead of the offline modes. But it has been a challenge to create promotional videos for companies from the messy remote workplaces. This led to the popularity of the green screens for working as the best background. 


These green-colored screens remain an affordable option for creating the most stunning videos only if you know how to utilize the concept for maximum impact. So, here are some quick tips that will help you use the screen for various purposes. 

Tip #1: Choice of the screen


The primary reason for using the green screen is introducing the chroma key technique for ideal effects. You can remove the background color from the subject and replace it with selective images and video streams to engage more people. 

  • You don’t need professionals to use the green screen. Anyone with a screen and technological software can create the desired background easily. 
  • A bright green screen may come with a blue screen which is also an option for removing the background color.

But you have to ensure that you are not wearing something in the shade of green or using some green-colored prop when you are using the green screen. 


Tip #2: Arrange the lights


If you have a green screen, you can work on the lighting. Good lighting will make the green screen background appear smooth and nice. 

  • Lighting is very important as it will provide consistency and evenness to the background. 
  • All the areas on the screen should receive equal light and correct exposure. 

If the lighting is uneven on one side, then the video will appear darker on any one side. Also, the background removal won’t be clean. 

Tip #3: Using the right props


There is no need to stand or sit throughout the video. If you want to make the video more lively, then you can be interactive with the screen. The props can be a great way to illustrate what you are saying. You can use a stick if you want to point to the important data in the background. Its possible to show that you are surfing at a tourist destination without being at sea. It’s all about how smartly you can use the props for the best results.


Apt for different situations


Here, you will also get some creative examples of the conditions where the green screen can turn out to be the game-changer. 

  1. Educators can point out to the lesson plans or explain some figures on the screen. If you stand in front of a human digestive system figure and explain it, the students will get more interest in the topic.
  2. You can show business analytics data with the help of green screens. 

Thus, the simple screen can become a promotional tool for a business and also the main 

way to interact directly with the potential customers through virtual medium.