April 13, 2024

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Things to Buy While Visiting Malaysia

Shopping for souvenirs can be an unforgettable experience for the whole family. There is a wide range of products to buy from Batik to Durian-flavoured products to Ruby chocolates. The unique shapes and designs of Malaysian souvenirs will surely make you feel at home.


Buying batik is a great way to bring home a piece of Malaysian culture. The intricate designs are hand painted onto fabrics and are a form of traditional Malay art. The batik art is often used to decorate clothing and accessories. There are many styles and types of batik, ranging from modern to traditional. You can buy souvenirs and framed paintings, or you can even buy fabric to create your own batik clothes.

Durian-flavoured products

There are many durian-flavoured products to purchase while visiting Malaysia. From sweets and cakes to candies and chocolates, you can find a huge selection of delicious durian delights. You can even buy durian-flavoured ice cream! These pink, tangy confections are packaged and processed to make them the perfect portable snack.

Ruby chocolates

While Malaysia may not be the first place you’d think to look for Ruby chocolates, the country has many unique and delicious chocolate treats to choose from. The chocolate industry is a billion-dollar industry, and many consider it recession-proof. It’s possible to buy chocolates even during bad times, and a $4 kit kat can be dressed up to look like a ruby chocolate. Chocolate is a universally loved treat, and you’ll never grow tired of wanting to get your hands on one!

Wooden handicrafts

The wood-working industry in Malaysia is thriving thanks to a plentiful supply of timber in its lush tropical forests. It is home to an incredible variety of wood-carving and decorative objects, including antique Malay-style carved panels, Chinese pots, and Orang Asli spirit sculptures. Other decorative items include intricate walking sticks, carved scented wood, and keris dagger handles.

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Dodol is a traditional Malay dessert. It is a unique heritage food in Malaysia. It represents the strong social bond between generations, neighbours, and surrounding communities. However, it is also threatened by modernization. Therefore, preserving the traditional way of making dodol is important. Other methods of preservation include educating the public about its history and different types.

Rice wine

Rice wine is made by indigenous people in Sabah and Sarawak from rice that is fermented and distilled. It is similar to vodka and is available in stores in the two states. A bottle can cost between RM10 and RM20.

Ways to Save Money While Shopping in Malasia

There are plenty of ways to save money while shopping in Malaysia, but some of the best tips include looking for sales, using coupons, and bargaining. Once you have a list of items you plan on purchasing, try to stick to your budget by figuring out how much each item costs without discounts and comparing it to the total cost of your purchase. Finally, don’t forget to take advantage of loyalty programs that offer rewards for spending money at specific stores. If you need coupons or promo codes while shopping in Malaysia you can visit, GreenPromoCode.com.