July 25, 2024

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The Nutritional Benefits of Cooking With a Pressure Cooker

The Nutritional Benefits of Cooking With a Pressure Cooker

A Pressure Cooker uses Pressurized Steam to cook your foods, so very little water is needed. When you cook vegetables in a pan with added water, much of the vitamins and nutrients are leached out and thrown away with the water. With a these cookers most vitamins and nutrients remain in the food and are better preserved because of the shorter cooking time.

Another healthy benefit is that you do not have to use oil. You only need the amount of water suggested in your recipe. You can use oil if you want to, but of course your heart and arteries will thank you if you do not. Also, most meals cooked in a pressure cooker can be made with 3 or 4 of the main food groups to give a more balanced diet.

There are many types of dried beans that are very nutritional and inexpensive. Most of us pass them by because we know we will never think to put them in water to soak the night before. With a Pressure Cooker soaking is not necessary and many dried beans can be cooked in approximately 30 minutes or so. Adding these types of beans to soups, stews and any other meals you prepare can really bring up the nutritional value of these dishes.

Pressure cookers also cook with such a high level of heat that they kill bacteria and germs in the food your preparing.

Last but not least is the fact that homemade nutritional meals can be made so quickly with a pressure cooker, you will be far less likely to stop by that fast food joint!