October 4, 2023

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Take a Vacation to The Grand Bahamas Now and Be Tanned and Well Rested for Your Holiday

It is time to take that long awaited vacation before Thanksgiving creeps up and its down to the wire for the cold winter holiday season. Why not belly up to the holiday table felling rested and glowing with Caribbean color? Give yourself a gift of an all-inclusive Bahamas vacation on the Grand Bahamas Island.

The Grand Bahamas Island is just 55 miles off the coast of Florida and relatively easy to get to either by airplane or cruise ship whichever you prefer. The primary language spoken on the island is English although the local accents can be a bit tricky to understand but generally communication is fine. Most merchants accept US currency and credit cards. The Grand Bahamas is very US friendly; entrance on to the does require US passport. Once you are there you are free to enjoy the beauty of the Island.

An all-inclusive vacation package is a travel program offered to guests through specific hotels or resorts where all lodging, food and drinks, including alcoholic drinks, are included at one flat rate. For many travelers all-inclusive travel packages are an easy way to budget for a vacation without over spending. You know before you leave home what your bill will be, and leave your wallet behind in your room in the safe!

Resorts such as the Our Lucaya Reef Village and the Viva Wyndham Fortuna Beach offer various all-inclusive vacation packages to fit most budgets, and these programs offer more than food and drinks. Both resorts sit on beautiful stretches of beach where their guest can enjoy beach volley ball, snorkeling, water tubes and food and beverage services on the beach. If you prefer, you can sit pool side and enjoy soaking in the hot tubs. Use the gym or game room, or a little one-on-one at the basket ball court. These all-inclusive packages offer nearly everything you may want without having to leave the property.

For those traveling with young children both resorts offer fantastic children programs where the kids can spend the day learning about the island culture with arts and craft and storytelling. These facilities are on site and staffed with well trained staff. Feel comfortable leaving the kids behind as you go off to spend some quality adult time.

Prices for the all-inclusive vacation packages will vary during the year but these are always special offers and discounts if you book through a professional Bahamas travel consultant.