December 10, 2023

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Savour the Scrumptious Kerala Food and Cuisine

Kerala’s cuisine has been influenced by several voyagers and seafarers. Its array of fish and meat dishes continually reminds one of the foreigners who came here during the early years. The extensive stretch of its coast and abundant sea life in Kerala makes sure that coconut, seafood and other plentifully available things form a significant part of the Kerala food and cuisine. Influenced by foreigners, the consumption of beef has become very popular here.

For several years now, the coconut tree continues to be a part of the life of Keralites. The use of coconut is mostly seen in the food of this state. All that the land offers here is used to prepare the cuisine that is easy yet palatable.

The main food of Kerala is unpolished rice. Apart form boiled rice, there is an array of snacks made of cereal that Keralites consume. The common ones include the bamboo formed puttu, the noodles-like idiyappam, the lace rimmed palappam, the sweet unniappam the spongy vattayappam, the pancake-resembling kallappam, and the stuffed ball-like kozhikotta. This is not all. The roti-like bread in Kerala is called the pathiri. You can transform it in plain thin bread known as vatipathiri or a box type roti called pettipathiri. Chattipathiri is a sweet cake that forms a significant part of the cuisine of Kerala. Pathiris are fried before filling with mutton, beef or chicken. They are steamed once stuffed with fish.

The cuisine of Kerala also offers several fermented beverages of its own. The famous drinks are kallu (toddy), Kerala rasam and patta charayam (arrack). Arrack is a very intoxicating beverage that is generally eaten along with pickles as well as boiled eggs.

The cooking method of all South Indian dishes is almost same. It includes lesser use of oil, additives and sugar. The food is prepared in a very healthy way with plenty of herbs, coconut and other spices. The addition of spices along with tamarind lends the local cuisine a distinctive flavor.

In the kitchens of Kerala, mouthwatering dishes are prepared in a simple in all the communities residing there. The regular tapioca root can be served as a main course dish once boiled and sautéed using coconut sauce and spices, a snack once salted and fried, and a dessert upon steaming with coconut and jaggery.

In a nutshell, Cuisine in Kerala has deep roots in the history and culture of this beautiful state.