December 10, 2023

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Nature’s Path will appear on Food Network’s “Unwrapped”

Nature's Path, in Sussex, which produces organic snacks and breakfast items, will be featured on the Food Network's show Unwrapped.  Filming for the show is set for Aug.19, and the show is scheduled to air sometime in 2022.

A neighborhood food stuff company will be the issue of a Foods Network display up coming tumble. 

Taping for an episode of “Unwrapped” was scheduled to consider spot Thursday at the Sussex Nature’s Path plant. The display is slated to air in tumble 2022.

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“Unwrapped” uncovers powering-the-scenes details about how popular food is designed, as host Marc Summers explores different kitchens, in accordance to the Food items Community website.

The Nature’s Path episode will focus on the firm’s toaster pastries, which are crammed with organic and natural fruit and can be warmed up in a toaster or toaster oven.