July 11, 2024

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Foods Not To Eat With Gout – High Purine Foods

Foods Not To Eat With Gout – High Purine Foods

Meats are among the top foods not to eat with gout. This is because of the types of proteins they contain actually produce uric acid in the body. Organ meats are among some of the worst. This would include liver, heart, brain, and kidney. Red and game meats are slightly worse than what white meats would be. This would include every type of game meat from fowl to bigger game.

It is thought to be as a result of the diets of game animals because chicken would actually be considered a healthier option, but not game fowl. Since they are both white meats, diets are one of the bigger differences between them. However, bacon and ham should be avoided as well.

Foods Not To Eat With Gout – Seafood

Fish is another one of the foods not to eat with gout. Anchovies, and sardines would be at the very top of that list, but it would go on to include most types of fish. Halibut, trout, cod, salmon, and even tuna should not be eaten if you suffer from gout. Again, it is thought to be because of the types of proteins found in fish. Even smoked fish should not be consumed.

Beans are another of the more common foods not to eat with gout. All types of beans should be avoided including; navy beans, kidney beans, chili beans, lima beans, refried beans, and green beans. This might be one of the ones that will give you problems. You do not really think about how many dishes beans are actually in until you need to steer clear of them. Many Mexican dishes have beans in them whether it is refried or not. You will also find them in many casserole type dishes too.

Meat extracts are also on the list of foods not to eat with gout that people do not really think about. This would include gravies, broth, and bullions. Anything with a beef broth (one of the most common) should be avoided. This is going to add a whole new level of risks that you might not have thought about. If you need the broth or gravy in the dish, go with chicken instead of beef. Turkey would also be a better choice rather than beef. This means that you really cannot eat the beef stew even if you don’t eat the pieces of beef in it. This might make things a little more difficult for those who really need to be on this diet, but it could make a huge difference.