July 17, 2024

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Delicious food

Fish McBites, Whopperito and more fast food items we want back

Fast food chains are always (to borrow a one-time slogan from Taco Bell) thinking outside the bun. They all have serious test kitchens and employ skilled chefs – men and women who could just as well be working at upscale restaurants (where they likely wouldn’t make as much money) – to constantly refine their offerings and come up with new items to delight their regular patrons and theoretically win new ones. (These are the restaurant chains with the happiest customers.)

Their menus, in other words, constantly evolve. In the first few weeks of March, for instance, Chipotle introduced quesadillas for the first time, Wienerschnitzel added an Aussie Dog and a Texas Dog to their array of franks, and Sonic Drive-In rolled out, as a limited-time special, a bacon jam cheeseburger.