June 8, 2023

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Dishing a New Blue Way to Breakfast

Egg-ceptional recipes with Important Farms Genuine Blues. Sponsored by Important Farms

SAN DIEGO — If you appreciate to bake or brunch, you are likely to love the new True Blues Eggs from Essential Farms. Registered Dietitian and Nutritionist Patricia Bannan joins our Laura Cavanaugh to share some egg-ceptional recipes from Bannan’s new reserve “From Burnout to Equilibrium.”

Legitimate Blues eggs are developed by an heirloom breed of hen named an Azur hen who in a natural way lay blue eggs. On the outside the house, the blue beauties are striking many thanks to their distinctive blue shells. Crack them open and you will uncover pasture-lifted eggs from hens tended on modest family members farms. The festive pastel blue eggs are Accredited Humane, this means they are made with the exact animal welfare specifications that Important Farms is acknowledged and trustworthy.

Bannan shares her most loved breakfast recipes using Accurate Blues, such as Egg-In-A-Hole Flower Electricity Toast, which is packed with fiber.

“The egg has superior-excellent protein,” explained Bannan.  “It’s bought choline and B nutritional vitamins as nicely for mood aid and power.”

From asparagus and edamame salad to mini lemon blueberry muffins, each recipe in Bannan’s e book has an optional supercharger, which can increase the vitamins and minerals and style and make a well balanced food.

Important Farms Legitimate Blues are now exclusively accessible at San Diego, La Jolla and Del Mar Whole Food items Marketplace places.

For far more facts, check out www.vitalfarms.com  and www.patriciabannan.com

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