July 10, 2024

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Delicious food

Discover the Taste of Filipino Cuisine and Cooking

Filipinos are well known for their flavorful and tasty cuisines. Their cooking methods are influenced by the Spaniards and the Malayo-Polynesian origins. Filipino cuisines are known to be delicious and savory making it very mouth watering. There are so many choices of Filipino cuisines that are being cooked in the Philippines. Each of the many provinces in the Philippines has their own unique varieties of foods.

The northern parts of Luzon are fond of foods that are cooked with their very own anchovies. Different vegetables are mixed together in a pot and boiled with anchovies and other spices to make it more flavorful. The Bicolanos on the other hand loves to cook with coconut milk and chilies. Others cook noodles that are made into soup dishes or just sautéed together with vegetables. The Filipinos, together with the other Asian countries makes rice their staple food. The rice is boiled and cooked then served together with the other Filipino dishes.

One of the most famous Philippine dishes are the “adobo” which is either chicken meat or pork, or can even be both, cooked with soy sauce and vinegar. It is a very well known dish in the Philippines and people from around the world love the pleasant taste of this native dish.

Another famous dish in the Philippines is the “sinigang” which is a sour soup dish. The dish can be cooked with any kinds of fish, and even meat then cooked with tamarind and vegetables. It is found in a typical Filipino meal together with the adobo.

The “kilawin” dish is also famous in the Philippines which the ingredients are mixed and marinated with kalamansi or vinegar together with salt, pepper, onions, and garlic. This is a well known dish ideal to join with alcohol drinks. The Filipinos call these foods as “pulutan”.

Another is the so called “pinakbet” which is a mixture of different vegetables such as eggplants, sweet potato, ampalaya, okra, tomatoes, string beans and others. It is then flavored with anchovies and then put altogether in a pot and cooked. It is a famous dish especially for people living in the barrios or the rural areas of the Philippines.

The Filipinos are also very fond of fried and grilled foods. These are sprinkled with spices before cooking making it very tasty and flavorful. During certain occasions, the Filipinos cook rice cake dishes that served as desserts.

These are just few of the many dishes the Filipinos have to offer. There are so many more, which one is welcome to try out whenever you come and visit the amazing country of the Philippines.