July 11, 2024

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Butterkase Cheese: The Best Alternative to Butter

Butterkase Cheese: The Best Alternative to Butter

The Butterkase Cheese is one of the many kinds of cheese that can be used in many dishes. It originated in Germany and made throughout Austria. The name Butterkase literally means butter cheese, because it has butter like texture. It is a very mild and creamy cheese. There are endless appetizer recipes that incorporate this cheese

You can perfectly pair it with sliced ham for sandwiches. You can top this on your hamburgers or melt it over with your vegetables. Buying a high-quality cheese will enhance any recipe by adding great depth of flavor. The Butterkase Cheese dip from Germany is always a favorite. This cheese can be turned into an easy appetizer by adding a garnish or spread.

The Healthy Alternative

We know that butter is high in total fat, including saturates. Also, we know that the over consumption of saturated fat may lead to raised cholesterol in the blood and cardiovascular disease. A lot of us are concerned about this, especially to most of us who follow a strict healthy lifestyle. If you use butter frequently in most of your dishes, it is advised to start using Butterkase as your new healthy alternative to butter.

A Unique Cheese

Butterkase Cheese also goes well with sausages or cured meats. You can try it with fruits like grapes, melon and plums. There has been a misconception that all cheese is alike and can be handled or treated as such. The truth is every cheese is unique and how you store it greatly affects the flavor and quality of the cheese.

Proper Handling

For proper handling of the Butterkase Cheese, keep it refrigerated but for better taste make sure not freeze. It should be stored at 35 to 39 degrees Fahrenheit. If the cheese you have purchased is in a plastic container, cover it tightly in storage. You can wrap it in foil or parchment paper then stored in a tight plastic container to keep its freshness.

Butterkase Cheese is not just an ordinary table cheese. Being the most delectable table cheese of all times, you can use this cheese with practically any dish. If you wish to add more creaminess to your dish, try using it instead of the usual cream or butter. Hurry and get this cheese in your local cheese stores now. You may also purchase it online. Start making a difference by using the Butterkase Cheese now!