October 1, 2023

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Benefits of Herbal Tea

Shen Nung, the suave Emperor who ruled China for over 5000 years ago gave the world and our modern society a beverage which has become irreplaceable despite the changing times. Famously known as a ‘divine healer’, the Emperor was a strict disciplinarian when it came to hygiene and cleanliness and hence, the supreme leader ordered that all water in his palace be boiled before consumption. In one such instance, when his men were following the order of their leader, some leaves from a bush fell into the boiling vessel. And, hence the first cup of tea was brewed and came into existence.

Excluding water, the most consumed beverage in the world is Tea. With thousands of blends and varieties into existence, it is savoured across the globe.

One such variety is Herbal Tea. Also known as tisane, it is a healthy beverage made from single or blended infusions of herbs, fruits, bark roots or flowers of an edible non-tea plant. In the true sense, it is not a tea as it is not derived from the leaves and buds of the tea plant Camellia sinensis. Herbal teas do not contain leaves from the tea plants.

Apart from being free of caffeine, herbal tea brings a palette of fantastic benefits along with them. The benefits of herbs are transferred to the human body in easily digestible form. There is a range of properties offered by herbal tea that benefit the human body and mind like stimulant, tranquillizing and refreshing properties.

The medicinal effects of teas made from herbs is explained in detail under herbalism. It is extremely popular for its therapeutic applications and antioxidant properties. Each tea flavour brings you to closer to the nature and offers benefits when consumed in an appropriate way.

Herbal tea is often confused with organic tea but the truth is both of them are totally different in the way they taste and are processed. Simply put, herbal tea is made by the infusion of herbs whereas organic tea is usually black, green or white. They are the same in one aspect – natural. So, make a point to buy herbal tea online with a close look at the product.

With properties like improving concentration and lifting your spirits, certain herbal teas also offer weight loss properties. There are such teas which promise a host of slimming benefits. A small cuppa tea helps release stress, suppress appetite and reduce cholesterol – all the key drivers of weight gain.

With the rainbow of flavours available today, one can also gift a tea pack to a dear one or distribute in business circles. While buying herbal tea online, make sure that you purchase from a trusted name in sourcing from plantations. Buying it online will help you choose from a range of flavours, which will suit your liking. And yes, always be open to explore something new!

All in all, herbal tea is a refreshing way to bring you close to the nature and be loved by its benefits.