October 4, 2023

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Become a Corona Beer Girl and Make Money – 3 Ways to Become a Beer Girl

Corona Beer girls are having the time of their lives promoting the fun and exciting lifestyle of Corona Beer. They are sexy and attractive females that are able to grab the attention of men in local bars or sporting events.

Beer Girls typically make over $25 per hour and work a minimum of 4 hours per promotion.

Beer Companies are constantly doing promotions that resonate with their targeted consumers and using attractive girls to entertain during these promotions. You may have seen the Corona Girls at your local bar or sporting event handing out beads or playing games with consumers.

Bars Owners are asking for them while their consumers are begging for them. Beer girls are bringing in more revenue for bar owners and for the beverage manufacturer.

Beer Girl Requirements

Girls that want to do beer promotions must fit the following criteria.

1. They must be Over the age of 21

2. The must be fun, flirty, sexy and able to hold a conversation.

3. They must be reliable and have reliable transportation.

4. They must have a good memory if they are going to remember a script. Some marketing agencies want their promotional models to follow a scripts so they deliver the right message about their brand.

Become a Corona Beer Girl

1. Contact your local Corona Beer Distributor and ask them who handles their beer promotions.

2. Do a search on Google for Corona Promotional Jobs

3. Contact Corona Corporate office and ask them which marketing firm handles their promotions.