July 13, 2024

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A Bit of History About Felt – A Popular Women’s Hat Material

A history of felt hats for women | Fwdtimes

Women’s hats are some of the most influential and fashionable statements. There is no other fashion accessory, simply because of its long history, that possesses all the qualities like a hat does. This timeless piece, in particular, has enjoyed special status for centuries now, even though it was never a requirement for women to wear one. It stopped being an absolute staple in formal attire in all parts of the world for a while as hairstyles gained the focus. But it was hard for anyone to stay away from something as functional and beautiful as an accessory like a hat that immediately elevates the aura of any casual to formal ensemble it accompanies. Hence, its comeback was no surprise.

In hats, material and shape tend to be the primary factors. Although you get many options in hat fabrics nowadays, felt still seems to be the highest preference. Check the women’s fashion choices from Paris to North America, and you will realize its significance. A felt hat womens has always been the favorite for centuries. Even though hats are not a must-have anymore as per the social standards, felt varieties continue to dominate females’ sartorial selection for their sophistication, personality, and charm. Hence, it makes sense to dig a little into this material’s background simply for this reason if nothing else.

The arrival of felt in the western countries

Not much information is available about felt making before the Middle Ages. Earlier, it belonged to a low-status fabric used as men’s hats and for saddle covers or helmet linings. The perception about this material changed when in 1449, France’s Charles VII sported a beaver felt hat followed by his victory in the Battle of Rouen over the English. The popularity of this type of hat caught on not only because it indicated someone’s social status but also because it kept out the elements. There is a belief that the sudden rise in usage led to the extinction of beavers in Western Europe by 1550. Ultimately, this opened its entry into the North American market.

A peek into felt variations

Felt came in handy for making headwear from as early as 600 A.D. It’s perhaps the oldest textile material still in use today. Today, three versions of felt material are common to hat making, including wool felt, beaver felt, and fur felt. One way to tell the difference between each is to observe their appearance. For example, beaver hats generally boast cedar brown or blackish colors. Wool fibers tend to be the mix of hair and down located under a sheep’s skin. Wool felt hats share remarkable similarities with cotton in appearance. Wool felt hats could be light to wear. On the other side, fur felt looks incredibly soft, fluffy while being more durable than wool and therefore lasts longer. A good quality fur fabric can feel warm in winter while still breathable.

The ways to wear a felt hat for women

A felt hat happens to be the trend-proof accessory that every fashion-conscious or casual wearer admires the most. With these hats, you can create any look, such as formal, informal, fun, serious, light, or dark. It is easy to imagine any aesthetic with this hat when it comes to solidifying your outfit choice. You don’t have to worry whether you look stylish in it because felt hats can effortlessly lend this trait to your overall personality. For example, if you buy wool felt fedora, you can carve an unmistakable bohemian elegance. Wear any candy-colored dress with eclectic features, such as patterned pants, embroidered t-shirt, and leather footwear. 

Or, do you want to try something more whimsical and unexpected yet grounded outfit choice for it? Pick your silk pajama suit and find a matching felt fedora hat to go with it. The combination can leave you surprised by its magical effect. Some self-assured women like to keep their style super chic and casual, a blend that is not easy to pull off if you lack confidence. If you know how to achieve it, you can wear your oversized t-shirt, ripped jean shorts, and felt hat. On this look, open-toes sandals can add a more twist. And if you want to set yourself off to embracing something more unique with a touch of elegance, try the sunglass look paired with your felt fedora and leather jacket.

Women’s felt hats have been popular for centuries for apparent reasons –aesthetics and functionality. Available in numerous shades, these hats can define your personality the way you desire. You don’t have to put much effort into accomplishing your fashion goal for the day. Whether you plan to attend a party, a casual hang-out with friends, or anything else, accessible and attractive fedora, cowboy, and boater hat looks are always within your reach with this luxe variety that can fit into any situation.