July 11, 2024

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Why are Customised Cakes More Expensive?

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Customised cakes in Singapore are not only a delight to the eyes, but they can be a great way of making someone feel special. Customisation is a popular trend in today’s world and it seems that everything from clothes to cars can be customised.

You would think that this does not apply for cakes as well, right? Well, you’re wrong! Cakes have been made more interesting with customisation too and it has become very common these days. If you’re wondering why they cost so much then here are some reasons.

1. You’re getting a totally unique cake.

With custom cakes, you’re getting a one-of-a kind cake. With dozens of eggs and cups of fruit filling in each batch, for instance, there are no two batters exactly alike. This means that every single customer gets their own unique design.

Some other ingredients include pounds upon butter or flour (to make it rise) as well icing colours to top everything off at just the right level so your celebration will be remembered long after people have tasted it.

Using premium ingredients alone to create a cake that’s dedicated to you means more costs, compared to the regular grocery-bought cake.

2. Cost of production.

Customised cakes in Singapore are not always cheap. Not only do you have to pay for the product itself, but there’s also all of these extra costs that come with it: utilities and other sundry items like electricity or gas may be necessary depending on what kind of design is desired.

Some specialised equipment might need purchasing (this can lead to more production time) to achieve a custom order.

Delivering the cake also incurs transportation cost, not to mention labour spent on handling and installing it in the venue.

3. You’re also paying for the expertise.

Every custom cake order is tailored to a client’s exact needs while creating an experience for guests. Pricing accounts the time of a decorator from beginning stages, as well overhead costs in running their storefront and they put effort into consulting on designs that will make your special day even more memorable.

Cake decorators with experience know how to make the most of sugar, chocolate, cake and frosting combinations. It costs more because it requires time-consuming labour but artists can create intricate designs that require new tools for detailed work like clean edges; perfect lines; realistic flowers or figurines; in addition, colour matching skills also take artistic skill – this will increase your bill.

4. Production time.

The most important factor in pricing a custom product is its complexity. Even if you have an exact number of servings, it’s not always in proportion to the design requirements and time spent on making the final result; this may lead people to believe that their prices will be higher than they really are.

Lastly, it’s worth mentioning that the factor of labour time is what decides if your cake will be more expensive for a large or small order.

For this reason, if two customers want the same cake but one only has 50 guests while another requires 100 people for their event – even though both cakes will take about equal amount of time- it’s likely that person would have paid half as much or less than someone with more attendees at an event!