May 21, 2024

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Top Chef Food Winner Or Loser Quiz

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Please pack your knives and go straight to the first question.

  1. Chef-testant Justin Sutherland was so thrilled by his victory in the Kentucky hot brown Quickfire that he gave guest judge Lena Waithe a big hug!

  2. Unfortunately, Mattin Noblia chose to make this chilled dish during an outdoor cooking challenge…in the desert…in Nevada. For his efforts, he earned the rarest badge of shame of all: Head judge Tom Colicchio spitting his food out.

  3. This dish is one of the rare exceptions to Stefan Richter’s domination of Season 5, and it landed him on the bottom of Episode 2’s Quickfire. He was not impressed.

  4. Believe it or not, Lisa Fernandes made this dish during a deep-frying challenge, and she impressed Tom enough to move on to the next round of Season 17’s Last Chance Kitchen.

  5. Chef Kristen Kish wasn’t thrilled when she was forced to cook basic side dishes rather than a show-stopping main, but her execution was so strong, she won Season 10’s 1950s challenge anyways.

  6. Despite the fact that preparing dessert is dreaded by the majority of Top Chef contestants, Nini Nguyen’s elegant dish resulted in her second win of Season 16.

  7. Brooke Williamson was sent home for this dish in the last challenge before the Season 14 finale in Mexico, but she fought her way back through Last Chance Kitchen and ended up winning the title.

  8. Going with french fries in Last Chance Kitchen’s Season 15 potato-themed challenge was a risk, but it paid off for Marcel Vigneron, who is well-known for his love of molecular gastronomy (which can be summed up as “food, but make it chemistry.”)

  9. Fabio Viviani ended up on the bottom of Season 8’s premiere episode due to this pasta, with judge Anthony Bourdain calling it “appalling” and comparing its appearance to that of an “inside-out animal.”

  10. Chef Melissa King won Season 10’s ramen Quickfire, an accomplishment all the more impressive for the fact that the only ingredients available were those found in a college student’s dorm room. (So that explains the Fritos.)

  11. Chef Shirley Chung’s innovative take on two comfort food classics impressed the panel and led to her victory in Season 14’s brunch challenge.

  12. Gail Simmons has a reputation for being Top Chef‘s nicest judge, so when she confessed that she was “sort of angry at Phillip’s strawberry course,” it was only a matter of time before he was eliminated for the subpar Restaurant Wars dish.

  13. Jim Smith — the Executive Chef of the State of Alabama, because apparently states have chefs now — was sent home for his tartare in a Season 14 Sudden Death Quickfire.

  14. Not only did Chef Chris Scott win this challenge, his prize was nothing less than his very own BuzzFeed Tasty video! You can check out the recipe and video right here, and don’t worry: You already know it’s a winner.

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