July 24, 2024

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Top 40 Romantic Things To Do

Top 40 Romantic Things To Do

1. Get up super early. Have a special breakfast prepared in advance (croissants, danishes etc..) and set the timer on the coffee maker. Take a short trip to watch the sunrise together.

2. When your special someone gets home, have a makeshift massage area ready to go (the bedroom works best) complete with candlelight, soft music and a nice scent (perhaps a scented candle or incense). Offer a romantic massage and pamper them (and maybe they’ll return the favor!)

3. On a day when they are not pressed for time, hop in to the shower and offer to wash their back. Maybe shower time can be expanded into a little more time for the two of you to connect.

4. Enjoy an indoor picnic by the fireplace (if you have one – if not, for ambiance you can light a lot of candles). Have everything prepared – a picnic basket, blanket, flowers – anything you would use for an outdoor picnic. Of course, a nice bottle of wine would be nice (and you’re already home so enjoy!)

5. Kiss. If you have been together for years, you may have forgotten how fun making out can be!

6. Make a surprise dinner for your special someone. Send them an invitation at their office with the date (tonight), time and place (your place). Make it romantic with candlelight and flowers and a nicely set table. Best of all, prepare a dish you know they’ll love.

7. Go to the movies – but don’t just sit in the movies. Pick one that has been out for a while and attend a matinee. Chances are you may be the only people in the theater. Feel free to kiss a little, hold hands and enjoy your snacks in your private (or semi-private) “home” theater. If you’re in the mood, turn it into a “double feature.”

8. The alarm clock rings on a Saturday. Kids? Plans? How about sleeping in for a change! If you can make it work, stay in bed together and just enjoy spending time with one another. If it’s not possible, than let your special someone sleep in, bring them their morning coffee and breakfast in bed. One of the most romantic things you can do is to do something thoughtful — on a day when it is not expected.

9. Bring home flowers – whether it’s for a man or a woman. Again, do it on an unexpected day.

10. Buy a dozen roses and attach a note to each rose with a reason why you love your significant other. Scatter them on the bed or place them all over your home for them to find.

11. If you have a sexual routine (same positions all of the time or same day of the week) – change it. The unexpected can be very romantic. Spice it up (check out the Kama Sutra for some ideas)

12. Buy an unexpected creative romantic gift. It doesn’t have to be expensive and it doesn’t have to be for a birthday, anniversary or Valentines Day. Just because is reason enough.

13. Prepare a romantic bath with lots of bubbles, candles and bath and body products (massager, loofah – they even make things like chocolate shower bars). Bring in a bottle of wine or champagne and just sit and relax. Two people that love each other – no clothes – confined space.

14. Pull out some photos of the two of you and place them in frames. Place them around the house/bedroom.

15. Book a local hotel room. Send your special someone an invitation to a romantic evening and have them meet you at the hotel. When they knock on the door (or you can send them a key in advance), have the room romantically decorated (rose petals, candles, flowers, gifts, bath tub decorated).

16. Book a session with a local photographer for Boudoir photographs.

17. Find a nice secluded place to watch the sunset. Bring a bottle of wine and some appetizers / fresh fruit

18. Do something that will really make them laugh (laughter can be an aphrodisiac) — even if it makes you the butt of the joke.

19. Give up something that you want to do with friends and tell them that you would rather spend the afternoon/evening with them.

20. Set up a camping trip so that you can spend some alone time together and have everything prepared (all they have to do is come with you – no packing involved!)

21. Take a class together (cooking, dancing, guitar – something you would both enjoy)

22. Whether at home or out at a restaurant, if their favorite song plays – get up and ask them to dance!

23. Is there something they have always wanted you to do with them but you have been too scared (climbing, skiing, sky diving etc..). Just do it!

24. For married couples, renew your vows and celebrate your love.

25. For couples that are dating, celebrate an unusual anniversary (anniversary of our first kiss or anniversary of when I first fell in love with you)

26. Have sex in an unusual place (it will be unexpected and exciting)

27. Help. Without them asking. Help do the dishes. Help with the kids. Run some errands. Do, do, do.

28. Every now and then, give them a call at random to let them know you are thinking of them and that you love them (and don’t follow it up with “oh, why I have you on the phone could you do something for me?”)

29. Write them a love note and hide it somewhere where they won’t find it until they get to work (or some other place outside of home)

30. Talk about them – to them. Not talking about the normal day-to-day but speaking about things that really have meaning to your special someone (their hopes and dreams). Listen attentively.

31. Try to help them achieve those dreams in any way that you can.

32. Have a movie night at home and watch a favorite romantic comedy

33. For a woman, buy her lingerie and leave it in the bedroom after you leave for work with a note – and a promise – for a romantic evening. OR buy her a dress (the really good shops can help you with sizing) and treat her like Cinderella. Have her meet you for a special evening out (dinner, theater)

34. Call in to a radio station that plays love songs (many are syndicated) and dedicate a song to them

35. Do something unexpected that will be a romantic surprise. For example, secretly take guitar lessons and one night, pull out a guitar and serenade her. Or if you can’t dance, take dance lessons and one night, take her out dancing.

36. If you want to be adventurous in the bedroom, purchase a romantic board game and enjoy some fun, romance and games.

37. Do a romantic activity together (horseback riding, hot air ballooning, wine tasting, tandem kayaking, scenic hike etc..)

38. Stress can really damage a relationship. Have some fun and take the day off and go to a local amusement park together.

39. Plan a weekend away – and take care of everything so that they need only hop in the car and go with you.

40. Repeat. Don’t let the romance in your relationship die. A good relationship takes work. Don’t put it on auto pilot.