July 25, 2024

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The Pass Through Dishwasher Advantage

The Pass Through Dishwasher Advantage

If you are still washing dishes by hand in your business then you could be spending thousands more on your wage bill than you need to be and taking much longer to wash them than you need to. Also you will find that an automated dishwasher will clean them far better and faster than you could do by hand.

Now for a small business you might think you could get away with using a domestic machine to clean your dishes, but do not ever do that as they can take an hour to complete a cycle compared to just minutes for a commercial grade machine.

For a small business we would typically suggest the purchase of an under the counter or above the counter dishwasher machine, which can offer you a cleaning cycle of between 1 to 3 minutes. They work very efficiently by using water that is extremely hot, which means that as your dishes and crockery come out of the machine, the residual heat contained within them is such that they will dry off naturally in just seconds.

However if you have a larger business then we would suggest that you invest in one of the latest pass through dishwasher machines such as Maidaid Halcyon ones, which are similar in nature to the above counter dishwashers but have a more automated throughput process. Typically a pass through dishwasher will feature an up and over washing unit and a countertop to either side of the up and over unit. This enables one tray of crockery to be in the dishwasher, one filled with dirty dishes to the side of it ready to go into it, and further counter space for the clean crockery to be slid out on to, on the other side of the unit once it has been cleaned.

These pass through dishwashers have a massive advantage over traditional countertop machines in that they enable the operator to get into a routine whereby the machine can be kept going constantly thus providing a constant flow of clean dishes and crockery back to the restaurant.

Typically these machines will have a varying number of programs on them, which can wash dishes in just 70 seconds and typically take no longer than 150 seconds for a full cycle, which is very fast to say the least.

These machines will either have a gravity drain or can be fitted with a drain pump where a high-capacity is needed. These machines are extremely easy to use with one touch controls that set an automated programme running for the ultimate in ease of use. They also feature break tanks, which safely remove any broken crockery or glass away from the operator’s hands.

So we recommend you check out the latest pass through dishwashers if you want to speed up your dish washing.