October 1, 2023

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Solutions to Satellite Dish Installation Problems

People who live in apartment buildings often encounter problems when they try to install a satellite dish. Lots of apartment buildings will not allow them to be installed on the building. Another problem that may arise is when the apartment is located on the right side of the building, which can make it hard to pick up the satellite signal (the dish will need to face south with no obstacles in between it and the signal). Luckily there are ways to overcome both of these problems.

If your landlord will not allow you to attach a dish to his building, most satellite tv providers will solve this by offering a portable tripod stand for the dish. You can place this tripod on your balcony or anywhere you like and it will work perfectly.

If you have a window that faces the south you can attach a satellite stand to your apartment wall. This will only work if your window faces south though. You will also have to remove the window’s glass and replace it with plexiglass. Satellite signals do no go trough glass.

If your landlord does not object to you installing a satellite dish it may still be a good idea to explain to them everything that is involved with the installation. This way you will avoid any unpleasant surprises. Bring the dish as well as screws and explain how you will be installing the dish. Tell them that the dish can be used by other tenants should you move and that it does not have to look ugly. You will find that many landlords will be more willing to let you install the dish by doing it this way.