May 23, 2024

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Mozzarella rising: what consumers want

“Mozzarella is consumers’ most-liked cheese, rating even over cheddar,” says Mike Kostyo, a trendologist at Datassential, who notes that 85% of American buyers say they either “like” or “like” mozzarella cheese. “That is a substantial variety for any single ingredient.”

The facts, from Datassential’s 2020 Cheese and Dairy SNAP! Keynote Report, also clearly show that 80% of shoppers consume traditional mozzarella at minimum as soon as for each month. In truth, 1 in 4 say they take in it numerous periods a 7 days only 5% say they under no circumstances partake. Contemporary mozzarella is considerably less popular, with 16% of individuals indicating they never ever try to eat it. On the other hand, 60% of customers take in fresh new mozzarella at the very least after for every thirty day period.

What’s more, usage of both regular and fresh mozzarella is expanding: 33% of customers say they’ve amplified their usage of conventional mozzarella in the previous year, and 34% have greater their use of contemporary mozzarella.

Evidently, shoppers have a love affair with mozzarella. But why? Cheese fanatics and authorities say it boils down to software, flexibility, flavor and functionality.


The No. 1 cause why people flock to mozzarella is mainly because it is an component in a dish they’re already organizing to put together. In accordance to Datassential, 64% of shoppers are information consuming nicely-known cheeses (like mozzarella) with which they are presently acquainted.

“With a group like mozzarella which is been around a extensive time, we will frequently see use start out to minimize about time as new cheeses consider its area,” Kostyo states. “But mozzarella has remained continual over the past ten years. It makes sense if you consider about it: Pizza is consumers’ favorite foodstuff overall, so that by itself places mozzarella in a fantastic position.”


Mozzarella is a go-to cheese not only for consumers looking for unique applications like pizza, but also for people who are in search of non-specific pantry staples and snacking choices. According to Kostyo, mozzarella’s one of a kind flavor and attributes make it captivating throughout a wide variety of dishes and classes. “It has a neutral flavor profile, so you can use it across the menu,” he says.

In fact, Datassential reports that consumers look at cheese an essential or extremely significant component in pizza (87%), burgers (78%), sandwiches (78%), pasta (69%), and appetizers and sides (65%). Likewise, foodservice operators say their most obtained all set-to-use solutions showcasing cheese are appetizers/sides (42%), desserts (26%), pizza (22%) and sandwiches (21%). “Desserts [use] mostly cream cheese, but in all the other prime categories exactly where cheese is utilised, you can use mozzarella,” Kostyo says.

In the industrial channel, meanwhile, Technomic found that the broad the greater part (77%) of mozzarella utilised by food stuff processors in 2018 was for frozen pizza, adopted by frozen appetizers/snacks (8%), refrigerated pizza/pizza kits (3%), exported foodstuff solutions (3%) and geared up cheese dips (1%).

Taste and performance

Despite the fact that it’s not their best purpose for acquiring it, mozzarella’s taste profile is a primary driver for 70% of people who purchase it, for every Datassential.

“Mozzarella is everyone’s go-to cheese due to the fact it truly is a superior foundation,” says Chef Emily Ellyn, a Food Network star, culinary educator and nationwide spokesperson for Frigo® Cheese. “If I want anything sweet and creamy that I can insert other, bolder flavors into, I’m likely to use mozzarella. If I want something savory that can be caramelized and rich, I’m going to use mozzarella to get a crispy, nutty taste. It just plays very well with so lots of things—including other cheeses.”

Mozzarella’s useful homes are similarly complementary, says Saputo Dairy Usa Executive Chef and Senior Supervisor of Culinary & Sensory Nikki Trzeciak. “Mozzarella is the workhorse of the kitchen area simply because it pairs so very well with practically any flavor profile—and due to the fact it has so many fantastic advantages and qualities,” she clarifies. “What is actually particularly magnificent about mozzarella is the cheese-pull you get from it, which offers folks an emotional relationship to it. Everyone loves the experience you have when you get that prolonged string of mozzarella.”