December 10, 2023

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Midweek Menu 183 (Air Fryer Chicken Legs)

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Midweek Menu 183 is all about being fast, simple, and flavorful! I’ve got two recipes that are ready to serve in under 30 minutes, a side dish you can prepare ahead of time and a dessert that doubles as breakfast the next day. YUM!

Recently, I’ve been obsessed with Air Fryer Chicken Legs! Since it’s such a light and simple recipe to cook, you can get creative with flavor combinations. Sometimes I’ll sprinkle on some House Seasoning, air fry for 20 minutes, and then dinner is ready to serve. These Chicken Legs are perfectly seasoned without any breading or added oils!

For a quick and fresh side dish, there’s no better option than my Easy Everyday Green Salad! This recipe is super versatile, so you can add whatever you have on hand, and the homemade vinaigrette will take the flavor of your salad to the next level.

Smokey, sweet Chipotle Bacon Baked Beans are the ideal hearty side dish to serve with your light, bright salad. This baked Bean recipe can be made ahead of time and then baked for dinner.

Now, we can’t forget about dessert, especially since the leftovers for this recipe can double as breakfast the next day. Crescent Roll Cream Cheese Danish is a shortcut version of a bakery classic recipe; it’s crispy and buttery on the outside with an irresistible cream cheese filling.

With this menu, your family will be racing to the table before dinner is ready!

Now, Let’s Get Cooking – Menu Recipes

Let’s Eat Menu Planner

Now that we’ve got the menu, I want to give you another tool to help you be successful at cooking for yourself and your family.

I’ve made a one-page MENU PLANNER that you can download and print so that you can log your target recipes for the week. Whether you are cooking a “theme” menu like Mexican or Italian, or have a recipe that uses chicken or beef, this helpful tool is sure to make life easier.

Let's Eat Weekly Menu to download and print for use at meal planning.

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My goal with Midweek Menu is to help you get a great meal on the table for your family with food that is delicious and recipes that are easy to make.

One of the ways to help you accomplish this is by sharing what I think are the best, helpful tools to make and serve the weekly menu. Here are some of my favorites and a few recommendations to make cooking fun!

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