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Eating Habits in Astrology

Eating Habits in Astrology

Eating habit is the specific eating pattern of a native, influenced by his social, cultural, religious, economical, environmental, and political factors. It refers to way and mannerism of eating along with the quantity and quality of food.

From astrology you can judge the eating habits of any person by carefully observing his horoscope.

Factors influencing eating habits are:

  • Ascendant: indicates general likeness and inclinations.
  • 2nd house/lord: indicates general food and drinking habits.
  • 6th house/lord: indicates the quality of food.

Different patterns of eating habits:


  • Malefic aspects to ascendant/moon in natal chart indicate problematic eating patterns that may lead to weight issue.
  • Jupiter placed in ascendant, indicates overeating tendencies.
  • Mars having strong relation to ascendant and its lord indicates inclination for hot beverage like tea, coffee etc and likeness for spicy food.

2nd house:

  • If the lord of the 2nd house is a benefic planet and placed in the auspicious place, the native will eat in lesser quantity.
  • If lord of 2nd house is a malefic and influenced by a malefic, the native will indulge in overeating.
  • If the lord of 2nd house is a benefic and aspected by a malefic or vice versa, the native will be a moderate eater.
  • If lord of 2nd is in own sign/exaltation/aspected by benefic, the native will eat with comfort.
  • Lord of 2nd is posited in Aries/Cancer/Libra/Capricorn or if the benefice planets aspects 2nd house, the native will eat very fast.
  • Malefic placed/aspect 2nd house, the native will eat very slowly.
  • Rahu influencing 2nd house, indicates non-vegetarian eating habits.

6th house:

  • Jupiter/Mercury placed in 6th house, indicates inclination for salty food items.
  • Strong Jupiter placed in 2nd/10th house, indicates fondness for sweet items.
  • Venus/Mars posited in 6th house indicates likeness for sour foods.
  • Venus and Mercury in association, indicates attraction for sweet food.
  • Jupiter and Venus aspecting 6th house indicates inclination for sweet food items.
  • Taurus being the sign of 6th indicates inclination for rice and potatoes.
  • Leo as the 6th sign in the horoscope indicates love for non-vegetarian foods.
  • Mercury associated with malefic, indicates dislikeness for sweet food items.

Eating habits according to ascendant’s signs:

Aries: they are extremely impatient. They eat in hurry and in anxiety. They are very fond of hot beverages like tea, coffee etc. Generally they have irregular eating habits, which may affect their digestive system.

Taurus: the native born under this sign like traditional and energetic food. They love rice, potatoes, and other carbohydrate food items. They enjoy eating salads and other healthy foods.

Gemini: they eat in small portions of food. They love snacks and appetizers. Generally they do others works while eating, like watching TV, reading books, gossiping etc. They generally eat before going for the sleep. They drink plenty of water.

Cancer: due to their delicate stomach and digestive system they are very careful in selecting diet. They have weakness for alcohol and wine. They are very obsessive for sweet food; hence in later period of time they are conscious of weight gain. Their diet generally lacks calcium.

Leo: they have regular and disciplined eating habits. Due to their high metabolic rate they frequently required intake of food and plenty of water. Generally they eat very fast. They love company of colleagues or relatives while eating. They prefer hot soups and meals. They should check on fat and spicy items in their diet for health heart conditions.

Virgo: They are very health conscious. Their diet is full of nutritional values. Due to their slow metabolism rate they tend to gain weight very easily. If they should avoid overeating and use of fatty food items. They should include spicy and dairy products in their diet.

Libra: They are extremely conscious about their weight. They have weakness for sweet foods. Flavor and presentation of food is important for them. They love aromatic deliciously cooked foods. They include more vegetables in their diet. Their immunological system can be affected by bad eating habits.

Scorpio: being a water sign, they might indulge in overeating due to stress and anxiety. They should check their alcohol intake and prefer small meals rather than having large meals.

Sagittarius: they are very conscious about their health. Due to their hasty nature they eat very fast. They have tendency of being overweight. They should avoid excess alcohol products in order to prevent the damage of skin and liver. They should include water, high protein, and dairy products in their diet.

Capricorn: they are health conscious and do not compromise with their eating habits. They give attention to the quality of food rather than quantity. They always prefer simple food and do not experiment much with their diet. They do not like other activities while eating. They should include more protein and calcium in their diet for healthy bones, teeth and skin.

Aquarius: Generally they are light eaters and relay mostly on low calories meals. They have less interest in food. Throughout day they won’t eat substantial meals and depends mostly on snacks. They are very fond of coffee and tea. They never fell ill due to their irregular and indiscretion dietary plans

Pisces: they have changeable eating habits according to situations. They like variety of food items in their menu. Usually they have lower metabolism and sluggish digestion; hence they should avoid excess salt and alcohol. They must drink excess water for detoxification and should include iron rich food in their diet.