June 12, 2024

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Crispy Parmesan Brussels Sprouts with Lemon Aioli

Fall in love with this flavorful side dish!

Dip yur brussels sprouts into our tasty homemade aioli!

Not big on brussels sprouts? To be quite honest, I never really cared for them either. But I encourage you to try these crispy parmesan brussels sprouts with lemon aioli. They are definitely not the steamed brussels sprouts we grew up with! Our parmesan brussels sprouts are crispy and savory, and the lemon aioli provides the perfect amount of tanginess to balance out the richness of the parmesan. I have to admit, this recipe has made me a fan and I’d be willing to bet that it will make you one, too!

Becoming a Fan

This delicious side dish will turn anyone into a fan of brussels sprouts!

These one-bite wonders are crispy on the outside, soft on the inside, and dipped in a mouth-watering aioli that you’ll be sure to whip up for other dishes. If you’re one of those people that walks by the brussels sprouts in the produce section without even a glance, this recipe is sure to change your habit. While there are certainly other ways to deliciously prepare brussels sprouts, this combo of parmesan and lemon is my favorite. Plus, the lemon aioli is super easy to make.

The Trick to Preparing these Parmesan Brussels Sprouts

This side dish is chock full of yummy flavor and pleasing textures.

There are a couple of ways you can prepare this dish. For firmer sprouts, you can simply add your trimmed and halved brussels sprouts in a bowl and toss them with olive oil, kosher salt, black pepper, grated parmesan, and garlic powder. You bake those for 20 minutes at 400 degrees Fahrenheit or until they are crispy and tender. 

Another way to prepare this recipe for softer and fluffier sprouts is to boil your trimmed and halved brussels sprouts before baking them. You can do this by boiling the brussels sprouts for 10 to 15 minutes– depending on how big they are. After they’re done boiling, you want to immediately blanch them by straining the brussels sprouts and putting them in an ice bath. This will halt the cooking process. Since they will retain some water, it’s important to wrap them in a tea towel and squeeze out the remaining water. After that, you’ll proceed to toss them in the ingredients and bake them for 15 to 20 minutes. This is what some recipes refer to as “smashed brussels sprouts.”

Several Health Benefits of Brussels Sprouts

Our crispy parmesan brussels sprouts are a great side dish for any protein main course.

While the aioli and parmesan don’t contribute much in terms of nutritional value, brussels sprouts make up for it with all of the health benefits they provide. In a half-cup of brussels sprouts alone, you receive 137% of your recommended daily intake of Vitamin K, which is necessary for bone health and blood clotting. You also get a high dose of antioxidants in brussels sprouts to help lower your risk for chronic disease by reducing oxidative stress in your cells. They’re also rich in fiber, Vitamin C, and contain omega-3 fatty acids that slow down cognitive decline and decrease inflammation.

If you try this crispy parmesan brussels sprouts recipe, be sure to let us know what you thought in the comment section! Did they turn you into a brussels sprouts fan? We’d love to know!

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