October 1, 2023

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Authentic Hungarian Dishes

The Republic of Hungary is a central European country. Today, it is one of the world’s leading tourist destinations, with people visiting the country in order to appreciate the country’s culture, history, beautiful capital (Budapest), and of course, Hungarian cuisine. The country’s cuisine does share many elements with that of other central European cuisines, but also has its own unique features and dishes.

One thing that Hungarian recipes are particularly known for, is the use of paprika. Paprika is used to flavor many dishes, and you might say that this is one of the most distinctive elements of Hungarian cookery. It is not entirely certain how paprika came to be introduced into Hungarian cooking, but one possibility is that it may have been introduced by the Ottoman Turks, who occupied much of the country from 1526 to 1699.

Some popular Hungarian recipes include:

* Goulash (known in Hungary as “gulyás” or “gulyásleves”) – A thick beef soup flavored with paprika. The soup gets its thick, stew-like texture, because the collagen in the cuts of beef used (shoulder, shin or shank) turns to gelatin during the cooking process, and thus thickens the soup. Goulash also contains chopped onions, and may also include potatoes and tomatoes.

* Fresh water fish soup (“halászlé”) – This is a soup made using a combination of fresh water soup. It also contains tomatoes, onions and white wine.

* Pan-fried goose liver.

* Stewed meat (“pörkölt”).

* Pur&eacuted;ed vegetables (“fozelék”).

* Pancakes (“palacsinta”).

* Strudels (“rétes”).

* Dobos Cake (“Dobosh Torte” or “Dobos Torte”) – A five layered sponge cake.