July 17, 2024

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6 Facts About Tea and Food Pairing You Will Want to Know

6 Facts About Tea and Food Pairing You Will Want to Know

The facts about tea and food pairing are not as complicated as you might think. This first fact I will share with you is that tea and food pairing is a very subjective, so I hope you will approach it with a sense of adventure and fun.

This is a very versatile beverage. It is hard to imagine one little plant; the Camellia Sinensis, is responsible for so many types of tea. The health benefits of tea add a nice nutritional bonus to your food pairing.

The second fact is to understand that teas come from different regions, are processed differently and will have different flavors and undertones, textures, give off different aromas. The third fact is that there are five different types of tea from the Camellia Sinensis plant and multiple different teas in each of these categories. There is white, green, oolong, black, and pu-erh.  

The fourth fact, there are herbal infusions, known as tisanes, that are caffeine free and make wonderful teas that are great with food pairings. Rooibus tea is an example of a tisane that has a refreshing sweet taste with a slighty nutty flavor.    

Here is the fifth fact that you may find interesting. Growing Camellia Sinensis is like growing wine. A good tea has consistency with the nurturing of the plants, the picking and the processing.  So when you pair your food with your t beverage, consider how wine is evolved with its local cuisine and consider how your choice can relate from the region from where the plant originated.  Was the region near the ocean or sea?  Is the region known for spicy foods? This will give you an idea for how you may want to pair your tea with food.

The sixth fact for any tea and food pairing would be to consider what it is you want to accomplish. Are you trying to compliment the tea or the food? Do you want to show off the tea or the food?  Do you want the tea and food to work in harmony with each other? Once you decide on what it is you want to accomplish, the next part is the fun part.

Now let’s start choosing the t beverages and foods that go together.   

More Facts about Tea and Food Pairing You Will Want to Know…

A great benefit of tea is that you have a lot to choose from, so the only thing limiting you will be you or your lack of imagination or adventure.

I compare tea to wine, but, unlike wine, t can be served all day long with every meal. You can actually plan food pairings for an entire day, if you would like. Yes, tea is that versatile.

Have you planned a menu?  Well, let’s explore how you decide on how a tea pairs with a food choice.

Do you have a favorite tea? My suggestion to you is to take time and make your tea. Now, taste your tea. Consider the undertones of the tea. The tannins in tea affect the taste and the texture.

Bonus fact number seven: the more processed the tea, the stronger the flavor, the more tannins and the more astringent the tea. Black teas are encouraged to be bold and full bodied, while white tea is delicate and sweet. You will not want to overpower the tea you are serving.     

Finding the facts about tea and food pairing should be an adventure of the palate. One that is sure to please. A meal is not a meal without tea. The benefits of tea and food pairing are to bringing others together for enjoyment and a fun learning experience. Yes, tea has a way of bringing others together.